About Dr. Gerald Smith & his Specializations

photo: Pat Toth-Smith Photography

I primarily work with people who are having some sort of painful change.

With INDIVIDUALS the change could be:

  • stress that seems too much
  • worries that have taken over much of life
  • a change from having energy to a sense of flatness and sadness

With COUPLES the change could be:

  • an increase in distance in the relationship along with more and more conflict
  • a change in a relationship where there is not enough real closeness, and maybe also not enough freedom to grow as an individual
  • a worry that real scar tissue is developing in the relationship.

With FAMILIES the change could be:

  • one of the children is causing a major disruption in the whole family
  • there is so much we don’t seem able to discuss and work out
  • a teenager will soon be out of the home, and we don’t want the departure to happen with our family so disconnected.

In addition to psychotherapy I also do ORGANIZATIONAL CONSULTATION. This includes meeting within work groups and law firms to
increase teamwork. It also includes mediating between people who need to collaborate, but don’t do it well enough.

Before becoming a Licensed Psychologist, I was an instructor in the U.S. Air Force during the Korean War, then worked for IBM and Bechtel Corporation. During a return to graduate school I worked at San Quentin State Prison for 1 1/2 years. I also worked at The Church for the Fellowship of All People in San Francisco – the first interracial church in the U.S.

As a Licensed Psychologist, in addition to meeting with individuals, couples and families I have:

  • Written two books – COUPLE THERAPY (Macmillan, NY, 1974), HIDDEN MEANINGS   (David McKay, NY, 1975)
  • Hosted 250 television programs for the Westinghouse Network nationwide. Series produced at CBS station, San Francisco, and concerned Humanistic Psychology issues
  • Led 120 workshops for couples and individuals at Esalen Institute, Big Sur, CA.
  • Developed a group consultation program for the pastoral counseling done by clergy. This was my work while employed half-time for Consultation Services of San Mateo County Mental Health Services
  • Been a Senior Clinical Consultant for ten years in a research project concerning Type A Stress Response and Coronary Artery Disease at  Meyer Friedman Institute at  University of California Medical Center, San Francisco.

EDUCATION includes:

  • B.A., Stanford University
  • M.B.A., Stanford University
  • M.Div., Pacific School of Religion, Berkeley, CA (a multi-denominational seminary)
  • Ed.D., University of Pennsylvania, (Division of Family Study, Department of Psychiatry, University of Pennsylvania Medical School)
  • One year post doctoral family therapy clinical training
    Mental Research Institute, Palo Alto, CA